Pakistan to play at least 133 matches across all formats in 2023-27 FTP

Pakistan cricketing venues will be buzzing as the Men in Green will play 12 home series in the next two cycles of ICC’s Future Tour Programs.

According to details, the FTP 2023 to 2027 has been almost finalized. PCB Chief Executive Faisal Hasnain also recently said that FTP is 80% final in a statement. Member nations will discuss this further during the ICC meeting in Birmingham on July 25 and 26.Cricket Pakistan has a copy of the next two FTP cycles but still, there is a possibility of change. Pakistan will play at least 133 bilateral series matches, including 29 Tests, 49 ODIs and 55 T20Is. The matches of ICC and ACC events are not included.

Pakistan team’s number of matches is less than West Indies (146) and Bangladesh (144). They will also play fewer Tests compared to these two nations.England will play 42, Australia to play 41, India and Bangladesh will play 38 and 34 Tests, respectively, compared to Pakistan’s 29.

Meanwhile, except for Bangladesh (59) and Sri Lanka (58), all other countries have less than 50 ODI matches.

Out of Pakistan’s 27 series, 15 will be foreign tours while 12 will be played at home. Pakistan will face Sri Lanka and Australia four times in the next two cycles. Three series are scheduled against England and Bangladesh. Two series against South Africa, Afghanistan, West Indies, Zimbabwe, Ireland and New Zealand while one against the Netherlands. There is no series involved with India this time either.

Pakistan’s FTP from 2023-2027
June-July 2023: Two Tests, Five ODIs, One T20I against Sri Lanka (Away)
August 2023: Three T20Is against Afghanistan (Away)
Oct/Nov 2023: ICC World Cup in India
Dec 2023/Jan 2024: Three Tests against Australia (Away)
Feb/March 2024: Three Tests, Three T20Is (Home)
May 2024: Three T20Is respectively against the Netherlands, Ireland and England (Away)
June 2024: ICC T20 World Cup in USA/West Indies
August 2024: Two Tests against Bangladesh (Home)
October 2024: Three Tests against England (Home)
November 2024: Three ODIs, Three T20Is against Australia (Away)
Nov/Dec 2024: Three ODIs, Three T20Is against Zimbabwe (Away)
Dec 2024/ Jan 2025: Two Test, three ODIs and Three T20Is against South Africa (Away)
January 2025: Three ODIs and Three T20Is against New Zealand (Away)
February 2025: Triangular series (Home)
February/March 2025: ICC Champions Trophy hosted by Pakistan.
May 2025: Three ODIs and Three T20Is against Bangladesh (Home)
August 2025: Three T20Is against Afghanistan (Away)
Sep/Oct 2025: Three T20Is and Three ODIs against Ireland (Home)
October 2025: Two Tests, Three ODIs, Three T20Is against South Africa (Home)
November 2025: Three ODIs and Three T20Is against Sri Lanka (Home)
Jan/Feb 2026: Three T20Is against Australia (Home)
Feb/March 2026: ICC T20 World Cup in India/Sri Lanka
March 2026: Three ODIs against Australia (Home)
March/April 2026: Two Tests, Three ODIs, Three T20Is against Bangladesh (Away)
April/May 2026: Three ODIs and Three T20Is against Zimbabwe (Away)
July 2026: Three Tests and Three ODIs against West Indies (Away)
Aug/Sept 2026: Three Tests against England (Away)
October 2026: Three T20Is against Sri Lanka (Home)
October 2026: Triangular series (Home)
November 2026: Two Tests against Sri Lanka (Home)
March 2027: Two Tests against New Zealand (Home)

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