Former Pakistan captain Shahid Afridi has revealed the reason behind his daughter waving the Indian flag during the India-Pakistan clash in the ongoing 2022 Asia Cup tournament on September 4.

Both the rival nations faced each other for the second time in their first Super-Four clash of the tournament with Pakistan winning the crucial game by five wickets in a thrilling last-over finish.

Afridi’s daughter was spotted waving the India flag and Afridi disclosed there weren’t enough flags of Pakistan available, so his daughter took an India flag and started waving it.

Afridi added that he was sent the video of his daughter waving the Indian flag but he wasn’t sure if he should share the video.

“My wife told me that there were barely 10% Pakistani fans in the stadium and the rest were Indian fans. Pakistani flags were not available there so my younger daughter was waving the Indian flag. I received the video, but I was unsure about whether to share it online or not,” Afridi told a private channel.

It must be noted that Pakistan and Sri Lanka will today take on each other in the final of Asia Cup 2022 at Dubai International Stadium.

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